Tuesday, April 18, 2017

Decateur Thoms reviews B.S. Incorporated by Jennifer Rock and Michael Voss

Hey, everyone out there, what's up?
Ah, whatever...

Just to let my readers know, I am no longer living in the basement at my mom's house. Yeah, things kind of got ugly over the last few months. Apparently the two part time jobs I have weren't enough to convince her that I was getting ready to pay some rent. But whatever, in the meantime I'm staying at my sister's place, in their spare bedroom, until I can smooth things out with my mom.

But enough about me. What is important, though, is the book the FSRI asked me to rreview. The book is B.S. Incorporated (Wise Ink Publishing, 2016) by Jennifer Rock and Michael Voss. Now I'm going to be candid with you when I say that this book might be one of the best books published in the last ten to twenty years. It's got a lot of action and some serious plot and a bunch of characters that all work together to make for a compelling story. Here's a few examples of stuff in the book:

1. There was a scene where Will (he's the main dude) and Anna (she's the main woman) are at a bar talking about how they're going to save the company, and they come up with a bunch of ideas about how they'll save the company and the workers.

2. There was a scene where Will brings Anna to the old warehouse where he used to work and Anna stumbles and breaks the heel off one of her shoes.

3. In one scene Will fires one of the dudes on his team. The company was laying off a lot of people and Will wasn't happy that he had to lay off his own guy!

4. Finally, there was a scene, at the end of the book, when the corporate big shots rally the workers to keep the company in business. They decide to sell copy machines, like they did when the company started, and everyone cheers and claps and the book ends. Will and Anna seem like they'll get together after it all, but questions remain...

So there you have it. I give this book a full five stars out of six. So go and order it or pick it up at your local book store. You won't be disappointed. And if you don't like it, I'm sure Jennifer and Mike will give you a full refund.

All right, that's it for now. Sorry about not posting in a few years. Things have been kind of tough. My PS II broke down and my car's transmission was screwed. But all in all, things are okay. See ya...

Wednesday, January 6, 2016

Winter Reading Suggestions

The FSRI says: If you want something to read while at work, buy this extraordinary book.

You won't regret it!

Thursday, August 13, 2015

Faking Smart!, the book, is free through Monday!

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Tuesday, February 3, 2015



Being “cross-functional” is a term used to describe an employee that has the ability to move in and out of one’s specific job description. The term may eventually go out of fashion, but the significance of its meaning will not.

Why be cross-functional? Well, the more you know of the different components that, when combined, help to make your company function, the more valuable an employee you become. If you are on the operations team and accounting plays a large role in the accuracy of your reporting, a good understanding of accounting and how the accounting department operates may help you do your job. Also, there may be a case when the accounting department is understaffed. If this coincides with “downtime” in your own department, (and, you get the “go-ahead” from your boss) you may find it helpful to offer your services…until the logjam loosens up and you can return to the operations team. If you can do this, you are guaranteed to impress and be appreciated.

Being cross-functional means that you are able to adapt, or be adapted to many different workplace demands. This versatility increases your value to your team and to your company. Being cross-functional demonstrates intelligence, curiosity and a willingness to apply oneself at a level that exceeds the traditional expectations placed on a company employee.


Tuesday, November 4, 2014


Now and then we like to remind people of our ground-breaking study in office eyewear. Our research shows that glasses really do make a person appear smarter. Look at this proof:

Tuesday, March 4, 2014



With the flu and cold season in full force, be sure to limit your exposure to communicable disease and bacteria.

The FSRI recommends that you use this stuff:

And these things:

Wipe your down your phone, your keyboard, the doorhandles in your office, and even your coworkers.

"BE SAFE," implores the FSRI. "Why take a risk?"

The FSRI Division of Moral and Physical Hygiene