Friday, May 30, 2008

Hollywood Hustler ...Faking Smart?

Hail, all...

This video caught the attention of the FSRI YouTube division. This is exactly the right person who might benefit from a deeper knowledge of Faking Smart!

The Hollywood Hustler?

Sure, this fellow seems to have a good sense of what he's doing ...where he's going and how he want's to get there, but a few short courses from the FSIHL might sharpen his game.

KWA and the FSRI

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Speedcat Hollydale said...

My employer blocks You Tube, because they believe that computers are being used for "fun stuff" and blog surfing. That is so untrue, and I really wish I could see this. Just further proof the I need to stay sharp, and follow the system perscribed here for better business descisions ... like getting a job with a bigger cubical and YOU TUBE ACTIVE monitors. I have learned a valuable lesson here today!!!

Thank you KWBA

Are you coming back to the bog??