Thursday, September 10, 2009


After several hours of research and debate, the FSRI is proud to announce its new list for this fall season. While this list may not be complete, believe us when we say that we made every effort to make it as complete as we could. Any list less complete than the list provided below would have been deemed "insufficient" and tossed into the rubbish dumpster outside our back door. In the meantime, enjoy this list, and we hope this helps you to find success at your workplace.

Ten Things You Should Never Say to Your Boss:

1. "Again, ...why do they pay you more than me?"

2. "No, it's not that I don't like sales. It's just that I hate selling shit."

3. "Just so you know, nobody likes you."

4. "Can I get out of here early today? I'm just so tired of all this work."

5. "Maybe you should stick with slacks. Those kancles are off the hook!"

6. "That mustache does a nice job of hiding your sores."

7. "Hearing you talk is like listening to somebody sawing a trumpet."

8. "Great presentation! I particularly liked the part when I was asleep."

9. "This company sucks."

Good luck! We hope this was informative. Remember: the phrases listed above were considered phrases you SHOULDN'T use when addressing your superior. If you happen to let one slip, please don't blame us or mention the FSRI, our Faking Smart! blog or our website while in consultation with legal representation.


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