Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Share Your Story of Corporate Success!

This is the post you've all been waiting for. If you have a minute or two this holiday week, jot down a couple of sentences in the "Comments" section about your personal tale of corporate success.

Times are tough, and that's why we're going through some tough times. Hopefully your story will help to encourage others.

K.W.A. and the FSRI


Karl Wolfbrooks Ager said...


If you have a story of corporate success, this is where you should put it. Be sure, however, that your story IS of corporate success and not about corporate failure or corporate "mere" survival -- anything other than a story of corporate success should be written down ...but not here.

TEMPLATE I: Kid grows up in hard-knocks neighborhood, befriends mentor, learns accounting tricks-of-trade, enters esteemed school and lands awesome corporate job!

TEMPLATE II: Adult has stable job but yearns for promotion. Adult confronts obstacle - i.e. insecurities over self-worth and self-assertion, make daring decision and stuns and delights co-workers. Gets promotion and attention.

Good luck!


i'm waiting for another story

Anonymous said...

Yeah, me too...