Sunday, October 24, 2010

Karl W. Ager's TIP OF THE DAY

Hello, all!  Sundays can be pleasant days, but sometimes they can be a struggle.  Anxieties about going in to work on Monday can cloud out what should otherwise be a sunny experience.  Here's a tip to help you get by on this Sunday or any Sunday, for that matter..!

-Start right now by serving yourself up a dram of single malt Scotch whiskey.  Any brand over 20 years old will do..  Then pack your pipe with a rich pinch of cavendish tobacco.  The English Dunhill is the brand suggested here.  Now sit back and enjoy as much Scotch and smoking as you care to and take it easy and let Sunday pass by as any day should!  When Monday morning rolls around, simply inform your office that you are taking a sick day.  Voila!  Your Monday problem has vanished.


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