Monday, November 1, 2010


Halloween is over.  The weather has turned suddenly cooler and the Holidays are close at hand.  As you stand in your slippers in front of your refrigerator at home and look into that wasteland of expired condiment bottles, jars of ancient preserves and any number of plastic containers of indecipherable (and clearly noxious and spoiled) foodstuffs, you wonder how you're going to find room for all the new delicacies your friends and relatives are about to give you?  It's a hassle to clean them all.  It's also a hassle figure out where to put the containers once they're cleaned!  No worries.  Here's what you do...

-First off, take the items in your refrigerator that you haven't used in more than two years and push them all to one side.  The next morning, before you leave for work, place that jar of eight-year-old capers in your briefcase or purse and take it with you.  Great!  After you've arrived at work, place the bottle of capers along side the container of yogurt you normally place on a shelf in the refrigerator.  When you leave work at the end of the day, leave without your capers.  Bingo!

As the days progress and you feel more and more comfortable leaving old condiments and rotting containers of unused chutney in your office refrigerator, bring as many as five items with you and watch as your home refrigerator grows gradually spacious and welcoming!

Happy Holidays!

(P.S. If you work for the FSRI, please disregard this "tip".  Any employee caught depositing expired food containers in any FSRI break room fridge will be formally reprimanded.)

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Marla Tinsper said...

What an homage to 9-5ers and their specific needs. Coming home after working late with takeout and more little containers of condiments. Another gift of pickled onions from secret santa. Who has time to keep up with their home fridge? Your tip if a godsend. I was running out of room in my home fridge. Cleaning out the fridge is one job I can do without. Great tip.