Wednesday, September 28, 2011


Tom Spinner Jr.
NEEDHAM, ENGLAND - The FSRI has announced early this morning from their Northern European headquarters that Tom Spinner Jr., former head of Widget Technologies Inc., has replaced Harry Jankowskowitz as acting CEO.  When asked to comment on Jankowskowitz's abrupt departure, Ella Foster, V.P. of Media Relations, said that she wasn't at liberty to discuss the leadership change, but that "the FSRI was fully operational and no one should really be worrying about it.  Our offices are still open!"

Spinner's ascendancy to the top post at the FSRI has come as a surprise to many.  His appointment marks second leadership change in as many months for the post formerly held by FSRI founder Karl Wolfbrooks Ager while Ager is away for reasons of "unspecified" travel.  Spinner is set to give a brief press conference at the end of the week.

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