Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Ella Foster - VP in charge of Media Relations

Hi, I'm Ella,

I'm sure you've been wondering where Dr. Ager has been. Well, he wanted me to tell all his readers that he has taken a short leave to serve in the role as Executive Producer for a short film he is involved with. Instead of temporarily shutting down the entire FSRI Blogging Division,(...we were actually threatened NOT to do so by the UPB - Union of Professional Bloggers - Local 808) he asked me to step in to keep this blog afloat.

What will I talk about? I don't know! Dr. Ager's only instructions were to keep it pertinent to Faking Smart, so, I guess that is what I'll do.

So keep Faking Smart! I'll see you around...

Ella Foster, VP of Media Relations

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Dearest Ms. Foster,

Dr. Buckmister J. Ingersoll IV PHD MD FSIHL-MD here. I am in need of someone with your ocular abilities as a nursemaid! By chance are you good with a lance? My last nurse, Ms. Percy Handleman, stormed out in a rage after I insisted upon her doubling as my blogging agent. This unforeseen mishap was indeed a misunderstanding. Whatever Ager is paying you, I shall triple it to an overt 10 dollars per diem. How can anyone pass this opportunity? You shall start on Monday.

With Insistence,
Dr. Buckmister J. Ingersoll IV PHD MD FSIHL-MD