Thursday, January 31, 2008

12 Glossy Prints and a Double Latte for the Road...

I thought I'd share this wintry spectacle with everyone. This is the view outside our Cascade Faking Smart! Headquarters (near Washington State) after a recent snowfall. Believe it or not, straight ahead and to the right is a Kinkos where many of my memos are faxed all around the world.

Good luck,


Anonymous said...

And I suppose the tree to the right holds a Starbucks and the one on the left a Seattle's Best?

Speedcat Hollydale said...

That's MY back yard ... GOOD CAT'S!!!
Do we live in a parallel universe connected by internet and Kinko's fax?? The Master Ingersoll has appeared, walked through walls, then vanished - this anomoly would explain it all.
Please FAX "Hollydale Informations Worldwide" with your current GPS location and Lexamplex coordinates.

In the future, we may find the universal business portal.

Your friend in the Space / Time corporate syndicate ... Space Cat Hollywood

Karl Wolfbrooks Ager said...

Good joss!
I am truly surprised that Dr. Ingersoll still walks this earth - what with his maladies and so forth.

YES! Seattle's Best does lie just to the west. And now with $1 drip coffee.

Speedcat, I hope to run into you there at some point. A double caffe carmel mocha with extra salt is on me. And yes, the fax is forthcoming...