Tuesday, December 29, 2009


Through a new branch of research, the FSRI has recently discovered this amazing information. The Corporate Ninja Code of Honor runs as follows:

1. Never reveal to anyone that you are a corporate ninja.

2. Satisfying your company and clients is your highest goal.

3. If your company gives you a mission (or project), success is your only option.

4. Never reveal the company you work for, or your master, when captured.

5. If your mission (or project) fails, you must commit seppuku.

6. If you cannot commit seppuku, resign or request a transfer to a different department.

7. Dress in black - mostly.

8. You must lend aid to all other corporate ninjas in your company.

9. No one should know your true identity.

10. Don't bring your sword on a business flight as a "carry-on."

Happy Ninjitsuing! and a happy New Year!

KWA and the FSRI

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