Tuesday, February 23, 2010


Philadelphia--In a move that surprised internet blogging fans, the FSRI (Faking Smart! Research Institute) announced late today that its blog division published a blog post last week that might have caused some consternation. What appeared to be a blog post composed entirely of one run-on sentence was, in fact, a post inadvertently released by the division's new, yet unapproved, automated blog post generator.

"To put it simply, this took us all by surprise." said Carrol Owens, VP of Blogging and Publicity. "No one in the blogging division was impressed by the trial phase of the post generator. Why this last post got out is a question we have solve through normal investigative channels."

When asked if a mistake like this was likely to happen again, Ms. Owens was confident that it wouldn't. "We've powered down the post generator, " she said. "Two VPs from the blogging research lab have been put on administrative leave. The likelihood of this re-occuring is about the same as a health care bill passing congress this year, " she laughed.

The FSRI is one of the most famous institutes of modern business studies in the world. The FSRI recently opened a new office in Ankara, Turkey.

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Unknown said...

This automated blog post generator must have deleted my previous post!