Thursday, August 12, 2010

Pilot Pen? - It Proves a Point!

When our FSRI pen-testing division was put to the task of testing the new Pilot Precise Grip pen, we were eager to see what they discovered.  Our division took 350 executive employees and assigned each a Pilot pen.  They were then instructed, individually, to go out into the real world and in the space of three days to sign as many documents as they possibly could.  Here's what they found:

The Pilot Precise Grip, while not as "beefy" as its Pentel counterpart, was more than adequate for the task it was presented with.  On average, each staff employee taking part in the study found that they could sign up to as many as 124 documents in a day.  That makes, on average, 372 documents signed in the space of three days.  Wow, guys, nice work!  According to the participants, the Pilot Pen glided over the "Sign and Date" portion of the contract or confession, " tracing your name in thin air."

Our final evaluation: the Pilot Precise Grip should be proud at what it's accomplished.  It proved to be a great, light-weight partner to anybody interested in putting his or her name down in ink.  The only problem we did find with this pen was that putting a signature down on any document that finds its way in front of you may not be the best policy to go by.

After completing this study, the FSRI was flooded with a litany of legal issues that will take no less than 20 years to untangle.  Out of the appoximately 140,000 signatures signed during our study, 3,679 of those were confessions to murder in the 2nd degree.  1,479 confessions were signed on murder in the 1st degree. 102,073 signatures were signed agreeing to auto loans or leases on foreign sports cars and 13,899 signatures went towards applying for active duty in the U.S. Armed Services.  The remainder of the signatures went towards petitions to repeal city public urination ordinances.


Our mark - 4 STARS

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