Tuesday, August 24, 2010

And the Winner is... Pilot Precise Grip Pen!

Congratulations Pilot for making a pen office workers can count on.  Why was Pilot rated the best over Pentel ...take a look for yourself and see what our FSRI Testing Division discovered:

Advantages Pilot had over Pentel:
1.  You can see how much ink is left through a slender window on the side.
2.  It had a nice, rubbery (sticky) finger grip surface.
3.  It's simple styling was minimalist and functional.
4.  The pen was evenly silver in color.
5.  It produced a fine line of ink suitable for nearly any office need.

Where the Pentel pen fell short:
1.  It's cap had tacky heating vents, as if it needed to cool down after use.
2.  "Metal Tip", "Liquid Gel Ink", "ENERGEL", "0.7 mm ball", "RECYCOLOGY", "Recap after use" ...and to top it all off, the pen even had a bar code at the base.  Come on, Pentel!  Really?
3.  Its rubber finger grip felt like the slimy touch of carp skin.
4.  Do you really need to boast about your 0.7 mm ball?  I was certain the 0.8 mm ball was at the edge of pen technology.
5.  The plastic casting produced an unattractive, mottled color to the cap.  The silver of the body of the pen was slightly (though surprisingly) different than that of the cap ...as if they were manufactured at different plants.  Now that's unprofessional.

So there you have it.  With this knowledge, go forth and achieve vast happiness and success.  Just don't bring a Pentel Energel along with you or ruin and despair is sure to plague you.


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