Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Ladies - Last Minute Gift Ideas for That Special Man in Your Life...

Ladies, if you're running short on time and you're in a panic to get your significant other that "special" gift that he will remember you by, then take a deep breath and don't stress it!  Here are ten easy-to-buy, affordable gifts that are sure to please...!

1.  Shaving Cream
2.  Shampoo
3.  Wart Remover Kit
4.  Band Saw
5.  Drill Press
6.  Tire Mounting Machine
7.  Pornography
8.  Assault Rifle
9.  Super Bowl Tickets
10.  Mini Bike

There, you have it!  Now, get out there and buy your guy a gift and don't let the Holidays get you down!


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