Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Men - Last Minute Gift Ideas For That Special Woman in Your Life...

Men, if time is running out and you need to make a quick decision on what gift you should buy for that special woman in your life... here are a number of suggestions to help make your quest a little bit easier.

Here are ten gift ideas that are sure to raise the eyebrows of your significant other!

1.  Puppy
2.  ShamWow
3.  Garden Weasel
4.  Chia Pet
5.  Cubic Zirconia Ring!
6.  Lincoln Mint Commemorative Elvis Presley Plate
7.  Foot Spa
8.  Solar L.E.D. Cross
9.  Snuggie
10.  Audubon Bird Clock

Ta-da!  So, quit stalling and run to your nearest retailer and... get 'er done!


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