Sunday, April 10, 2011


Hey, all...  How's it going?  Whatever...

So, last week I got together with Martin Fossum to talk about the new book he wrote along with Dr. Ager.  This is the interview:

Decateur Thoms: Thanks for taking the time to meet with me today.
Martin Fossum: Thanks for having me!  It's a pleasure.

DT: So, you've just published this book.  That's pretty cool, huh?  It must feel pretty good?
MF: Oh, yes, it sure does.

DT: So, you wrote the book with Dr. Ager.  What was that like?
MF: It was wonderful to be asked to be a participant in such a challenging project.  And to be honest, Decateur, I was a little nervous about the whole thing at the start.

DT: (laughing) Oh, come now...
MF: No, seriously...  With Ager's reputation as an industry giant in Faking Smart!, I was pretty intimidated.  But as time went along I got more and more comfortable working with him.  He was always open to new ideas and always ready to lend an ear when I was up against something that was troubling me.  It was a great experience.

DT: Really?  I find him kind of a bore.
MF: What?

DT: Nothing.  Whatever...
MF: If you're referring to Ager's insistance on excellence and professionalism, I would agree with you whole-heartedly.  And sometimes, yes, he might come across as a little stuffy, but that's his style.  I'll promise you that he is anything but a bore.  What Ager has done to revolutionize the business world is perhaps one of the greatest contributions to mankind in this early part of our 21st century.

DT: Whatever...
MF: Whatever, what?

DT: Ah, nothing.  I think I'm just hungry.
MF: Shouldn't we get back to talking about the book?

DT: Suppose so...
MF: How about another question?

DT: Umm...  So, the book comes in at 146 pages.  How did you decide to keep it at that specific length?
MF: That's a good question, Decateur.  Well, initially we were looking at the book to be in the 142-143 page length, then once we got going it looked more and more like we were going to come in at around 146 or 147 pages.

DT: Are you serious?
MF: Now you're starting to bore me...

DT: You know what's boring?
MF: What?

DT: My life...  My life is so f*%king boring it's killing me.  My mom's breathing down my back for April rent and my Xbox is still out of commish.
MF: You know what's boring to me?

DT: What?
MF: This whole dang Faking Smart! crap.  It makes me sick to my stomach.  Every day I have to talk and talk about how great this book is, when in reality it's just a piece of garbage.  Worthless.

DT: You're kidding!
MF: No.  In fact, most of the stuff in the book is just made up.

MF: I kid you not.  Most of the stuff in there is just fiction.  Not a grain of truth in it.  That's why I laugh whenever anyone trumpets how good the whole concept of the six-week program is.  As far as I'm concerned, it's all hogwash, and Ager, as far as I could tell, couldn't care less.  All he cares about if flying around the world to attend dinner parties and international career coaching junkets.

DT: No way, dude!
MF: Oh, yeah...  It's totally true.

DT: Well shut the front door!  Who'da thunk?
MF: Yep.  That's the truth, my man.  Straight up.

DT: Man.  I wish I could do what he does...
MF: Yeah, he's got it made all right.  If I had a 100th of his fame, I'd be set for life.

DT: And all that fame is built on the backs of people like me and you...
MF: So true.

DT: Do you play World of Warcraft?
MF: Oh, yeah.

DT: No way, what realm?
MF: Llane.  Got a level 73 lock.

DT: Nice.  I got an 85 DK.  Hey, wanna ditch this interview and meet up at ogmr.
MF: k

DT: np
MF: cya at the AH

DT: l8r
MF: out

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