Tuesday, April 12, 2011


TRONDHEIM, NORWAY - In a stunning move today, the FSRI apologized for its previous blog post containing Decateur Thom's interview with author Martin Fossum.  Spokesperson and VP of Media Relations, Ella Foster, in a brief statement outside the FSRI's Trondheim headquarters, said that due to his actions Mr. Thoms would be placed on immediate administrative leave:
"We regret that Mr. Thoms chose to post his discussion with Mr. Fossum," she said.  "While we acknowledge that Mr. Thoms has, in the past, demonstrated excellence and unfailing commitment toward our institution, this latest post clearly indicates that professional boundaries were crossed.  In the meantime, the FSRI will continue to provide the kinds of services that one has come to expect from our award-winning institution."

At the time of the writing of this story neither Mr. Thoms nor Mr. Fossum were available for comment.

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