Wednesday, August 8, 2007

The Faking Smart! Secret Method to Successful Job-Hunting

...will not be revealed today. But it will be very soon. In the meantime I wanted to bring up an issue that's been haunting the blogosphere for the last week ...the outing of the fake Steve Jobs on the blog

As a commenter brought up in the previous post, do we know if a blogger is what he or she claims to be? And if a blogger is "faking" his or her identity, why?, and for what reason would someone go to such lengths to deceive?

Like many of you, I've been a big fan of the fake Steve Jobs. Eagerly reading his posts has been included as one of my morning rituals ...tucked right in with steeping my cup of larch leaf tea and reading a passage of Tacitus to Spinoza. But this unmasking of the "fake" Steve has created a kind of crisis of confidence. It is a struggle for me to look at a profile now and believe what I see. Is, for example, the Barack Obama portrayed on his "official" website really the presidential candidate Obama, or is it someone else? - Hillary?! Is the Perez Hilton I see at Perez's site really the attention-seeking narcissist I think it is ...or is there someone else pulling the strings behind those cherubic jowls? Is the Frogster really a blogging frog?

Which brings me to the question of this very site. The FSRI blogging division, with the hundreds of employees that work hard day and night to make sure this blog is one of the best on the net, has asked me to reassure you that Faking Smart! in Corporate America is exactly what it is, nothing more. There's no fakery going on here. What you see is what you get ...the real Faking Smart!, and not the fake Faking Smart!. The ideas you see every day on this site are completely genuine and verifiable - 107% checked and double checked by our team at the FSRI labs. If we didn't take these measures we would risk an erosion of blogger trust. And that is the last thing we, or anybody wants...

Thanks for letting me bend your ear.

KWA and the FSRI


Speedcat Hollydale said...

After reading this fine piece, I am shamed and must admit that I am NOT indeed, a cat. My apologies to everyone...even the bloggingfroggy.

On another note: I have been in hiding from my employer and canvassing the business community. I leave gifts and CEO flattery with receptionists all over this city. As a student, I hope to regain your trust after this whole "Cat" thing.

Your pal, Speedperson Hollydale

Karl Wolfbrooks Ager said...

Not you, too, Mr. Hollydale! Oh, the humanity...

Anonymous said...