Thursday, August 16, 2007

Real World Job-hunting

So, now you know how to get corporate work by Faking Smart! In the past weeks we've explored many strategies for job-hunting, now, let's put your skills to the test. In the next series of posts we'll examine what specific companies are looking for in their employees. We'll give you some Faking Smart! hints ...then apply for a job and tell us how it went!

First off, we look at GE. Here is an excerpt from their website describing what kind of person would make a good member of the GE team:

Whatever your career goal, GE is a company big enough for your dreams. Our six businesses span industries as broadly as they span countries. We are continually looking for people of passion and imagination to help create the future of healthcare, entertainment, finance, energy, communications, and more.

Your Faking Smart! tip: GE is a mega-conglomerate, therefore, you have to think like a mega-conglomerate thinks and think big ...big enough for your dreams. For this company forget the formal application process and get creative. There are four key words in this employee description: dreams, passion, imagination and future. They say that a picture says a thousand words, so snap a picture of yourself representing each of these "themes." Take a picture of yourself sleeping (dreams), take a picture of yourself kissing some random person on the street (passion), take a picture of yourself looking up at the sky (imagination) and, finally, take a picture of yourself in a Star Wars costume (future).

You've got four pictures that show you're a perfect fit for this company. Transfer them to 8"x10"s, put them in an envelope with your name and address and send it to GE's HR department and see how quickly they get back to you!

Good luck!, and be sure to tell us what job you got and your general salary range.



Anonymous said...

Can I wear Spock ears? Or does this costume need to be specifically "star Wars"? And, if so, does one particular character have more hiring power than another? For example, Han Solo has plenty of experience but is a little unreliable and possesses sub-par customer service skills, whereas Luke Skywalker is persistant and steady but has very little experience and tends to attract trouble.

Johann The Dog said...

Thanks for stopping by my blog! Interesting stuff here I can apply to my agility career, Woof, Johann

Speedcat Hollydale said...

Irony is abound, as these were the last photos taken of me. This is a sign of destiny. GE?
I was Choo-Baughka the train derailer :-)
BTW...I have also written song lyrics to the Star Wars theme if you are interested!

Your student, Choo-Baughka Hollywood