Thursday, July 19, 2007


There are many who argue that networking is the single, most effective method of getting a job in our current corporate environment. When you network with your family, friends and acquaintances you are essentially "casting out your net" in an attempt to "trap" them into helping you find corporate work.

The first thing you need to do before you start networking is to acquire family, friends and acquaintances, and this can be easy if you follow these steps:

-Get in touch with members of your family: Family members are people directly related to you through blood or marriage. If you don't have a family or don't know where your family is, you may want to consider getting one getting married! ...and you may want to get married to someone with "good corporate ties." Once married, tell your spouse about your desire to find corporate work and then go ahead and tap into this new resource of eager-to-please networkable contacts!

-Make friends: Friends are fun to hang out with, watch movies with, hit up for a few bucks when times are lean and to help you get places when your car is broken down. But there is another advantage to having friends, and that is that friends may have the corporate ties necessary for you to get your foot in the door at a good company. If you don't have any friends - befriend one! Get out and introduce yourself. Volunteer at a non-profit and BE FRIENDLY! Not only will making friends improve your chances of finding a job, but it will also provide you with the opportunity to communicate and talk with someone (or something) other than your pet or a houseplant!

What other avenues of networking can you think of?


Anonymous said...

Hanging out in granite quarrys provides several durable social outlets. I have developed a couple very profound relationships in the marble/granite industry. I highly recommend it as a networking environment! Thanks KW, RC

Speedcat Hollydale said...

Everyone has some "link exchange" program. Here is my new idea..."Friend Exchange" To do this, members will pool together everyone they know - eventually everyone on the planet will be at your corporate service. We will all be rich!!
I am setting up this new system tonight after going to the pankake hut.

Your pal, Speedcat Hollydale :-)