Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Traditional Job-Hunting Strategies

In Look at Me, Corporate America! we examined seven cutting-edge tactics for getting youself noticed by a company. In today's post, however, we mention briefly some of the more traditional methods of the job-hunt. Then, in subsequent posts, we will explore each method in greater depth.

To be frank, today's job market is downright treacherous. To come out successful one must attract the attention of a company's "wandering eye", and to do this one must appear more eager and busy than ever before. This may seem especially daunting (...and for good reason) but if you allow us to steer you in the right direction - if you allow Faking Smart! to grab the wheel during this nail-devouring ride through the corporate landscape - you quickly discover your journey to be pleasant and nearly sleep-inducing.

What many job-hunters don't understand (due to perceptions instilled by distorted television representations)is that companies often do need to hire people. Contrary to popular belief, companies are not necessarily composed of a permanent, attractive staff of lovable misfits who perpetually torment one another in the manner of a close-knit, yet, dis-functional family unit. No. In fact, throughout corporate America jobs are opening every day due to resignations, retirements, layoffs, corporate expansion, disappearances, industrial accidents and mysterious worker death. But to get in you have to act. If a company can't find you, you have to find it.

Here are five traditional job-hunting methods:

1. Networking.

2. Internet Searches.

3. The "Cold Call."

4. Temporary Agencies.

5. The Faking Smart! Secret Method.

More to follow...


P.S. The FSRI would like to apologize for having frightened any small children with the image of Mr. Jankowskowitz in yesterday's post. Such moral indiscretion will not slip by us again.

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