Monday, June 18, 2007

The Modern Computer

So you've got your cup of coffee, chatted up the boss and you're ready to sit down, turn on your computer and get to work. These are the rituals you go through every day as a modern business employee ...but did you ever stop to wonder just what this strange machine is that is sitting in front of you, begging for your utmost attention?

You may not realize it but computers haven't been around the modern business office forever. No. In fact, computers, as we know them, (...and not including the abacus) have only been a workplace mainstay for only the last ten years or so ...ever since a bright young advertising executive in a San Francisco firm brought one in as a cumbersome yet functioning paperweight. The rest was history. Today, thanks to advances in technology, computers are to be found in nearly every office in all parts of the world, helping to make employees appear busy and productive.

This week we explore the uses of the computer and the way they can assist you in your quest for Faking Smart!


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