Wednesday, June 13, 2007

When in Paris...

View from
our FSRI office
in Paris.

During a recent visit to our FSRI offices in Paris I had the opportunity to practice blending in with the natives while attending a number of meetings. As the Romans are known to have said:"When in Rome, do as they do in Paris." (Or something like that...)

Whenever you attend a business meeting in Paris I suggest that you wear a black and white striped shirt (horizontal stripes) and a beret tilted slightly on you head. To complete this ensemble tuck a freshly baked baguette under one arm and watch as eyes widen with surprise when you enter the room. There is a good chance that you will be regarded, there and then, as a born and bred Parisian and not the unwitting foreigner they expected. Your presentations will attract more attention and your networking will reap surprising rewards.

Remember: you may want to practice this "look" in your hotel room before incorporating it at a business function. Also, you may want to practice using an accordion and a monkey if the baguette idea seems too trite.

Happy travels, KWA

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