Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Pulling the Plug on Your PC

Your computer works just fine for what it's needed for. It has just enough juice to access company databases, run your email application and load a web-page when pressed. It's like driving a '93 Ford Taurus: it burns a little oil and has an exhaust leak, but it gets you where you need to go. For many this is enough ...but for the employee trying to fake smart your stone-age operating system is an anathema--and embarrassment to you and should be to the company you work for.

As far as the FSRI is concerned, you have three options to solve this problem. The first is to stay the course--don't make any waves and hope your system gets upgraded after some time has passed. Your second option is to quit your job and apply at a firm that has better computers. Your last option is make it necessary that your computer be replaced.

If you decided to "stay the course" the FSRI has determined that you chances of impressing your workplace by faking smart are drastically diminished. If you choose the second route you subject yourself to the caprice of a wily job market. If you go with the third option, however, the FSRI has devised a number of ways to get a fast, up-to-date system on your desk within one or two days.

Computer Euthanasia--coming in the next post. Advice on "protesting your current predicament" will follow.


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