Friday, February 18, 2011


Yes, to reiterate, the Kindle version of Faking Smart! book will be available within a week. So get out and eread!

Decateur's Official Interview with Karl Wolfbrooks Ager

Today I got a chance to sit down and talk with the renowned Karl Wolfbrooks Ager about his new book, Faking Smart! Get Hired, Get Promoted and Become a V.P. in Six Short Weeks-Guaranteed!  So why don't I stop rambling on and get right to the interview...

DECATEUR: So, Dr. Ager, you've got this book called Faking Smart!...  Explain what it's about.

KWA: I want to begin by thanking you for talking with me today, Decateur.  It's a privilege to be here.

DECATEUR: No problem, man.

KWA: As for what the book is about, let me just say that it is the greatest effort to date in my career to begin the process of revolutionizing the world of business.  In a sense, when writing this book I cast out a gossamer net into the winds and collected what I believe was the global zeitgeist regarding the way business would be trending in the coming years.  This book is a prophesy ... a means of showing the way forward for entry-level employees in the century to come.

DECATEUR: So I see that it's 146 pages...  How did you decide on that specific number?

KWA: I didn't decide on it beforehand.  That the book came to 146 pages was immaterial.  What is important is that it's just big enough to to fit in the greatest ideas I've had and to present them in a simple and straightforward method... one that anybody should be able to understand and begin to implement in their lives.  Contained in each chapter is a step in a program that will transform a typical entry-level worker into a self-empowered corporate success.

DECATEUR: And what about the pictures?

KWA: What about the pictures?

DECATEUR: You have pictures in the book, but not a lot.  Did you think about using more pictures to make it easier to read?

KWA: I'm afraid I don't understand the question.  Are you saying there aren't enough pictures in the book?

DECATEUR: I guess so...  I don't know.  I mean, it's just like there seems like a lot of words in it.

KWA: Did you read the book, Decateur?

DECATEUR: Ah, yes.  I had a chance to thumb threw it before we sat down.

KWA: This is a waste of time.

DECATEUR: You can say that again...

KWA: This is ridiculous.  I'm insulted.  We're done...

DECATEUR: Whatever, dude...  Don't forget your pipe.

So, that was the interview with Dr. Ager.  As you can tell I was pretty nervous being it was my first interview and all that.  But I think it went pretty well.

Decateur -- out!