Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Tuesday, April 12, 2011


TRONDHEIM, NORWAY - In a stunning move today, the FSRI apologized for its previous blog post containing Decateur Thom's interview with author Martin Fossum.  Spokesperson and VP of Media Relations, Ella Foster, in a brief statement outside the FSRI's Trondheim headquarters, said that due to his actions Mr. Thoms would be placed on immediate administrative leave:
"We regret that Mr. Thoms chose to post his discussion with Mr. Fossum," she said.  "While we acknowledge that Mr. Thoms has, in the past, demonstrated excellence and unfailing commitment toward our institution, this latest post clearly indicates that professional boundaries were crossed.  In the meantime, the FSRI will continue to provide the kinds of services that one has come to expect from our award-winning institution."

At the time of the writing of this story neither Mr. Thoms nor Mr. Fossum were available for comment.

Sunday, April 10, 2011


Hey, all...  How's it going?  Whatever...

So, last week I got together with Martin Fossum to talk about the new book he wrote along with Dr. Ager.  This is the interview:

Decateur Thoms: Thanks for taking the time to meet with me today.
Martin Fossum: Thanks for having me!  It's a pleasure.

DT: So, you've just published this book.  That's pretty cool, huh?  It must feel pretty good?
MF: Oh, yes, it sure does.

DT: So, you wrote the book with Dr. Ager.  What was that like?
MF: It was wonderful to be asked to be a participant in such a challenging project.  And to be honest, Decateur, I was a little nervous about the whole thing at the start.

DT: (laughing) Oh, come now...
MF: No, seriously...  With Ager's reputation as an industry giant in Faking Smart!, I was pretty intimidated.  But as time went along I got more and more comfortable working with him.  He was always open to new ideas and always ready to lend an ear when I was up against something that was troubling me.  It was a great experience.

DT: Really?  I find him kind of a bore.
MF: What?

DT: Nothing.  Whatever...
MF: If you're referring to Ager's insistance on excellence and professionalism, I would agree with you whole-heartedly.  And sometimes, yes, he might come across as a little stuffy, but that's his style.  I'll promise you that he is anything but a bore.  What Ager has done to revolutionize the business world is perhaps one of the greatest contributions to mankind in this early part of our 21st century.

DT: Whatever...
MF: Whatever, what?

DT: Ah, nothing.  I think I'm just hungry.
MF: Shouldn't we get back to talking about the book?

DT: Suppose so...
MF: How about another question?

DT: Umm...  So, the book comes in at 146 pages.  How did you decide to keep it at that specific length?
MF: That's a good question, Decateur.  Well, initially we were looking at the book to be in the 142-143 page length, then once we got going it looked more and more like we were going to come in at around 146 or 147 pages.

DT: Are you serious?
MF: Now you're starting to bore me...

DT: You know what's boring?
MF: What?

DT: My life...  My life is so f*%king boring it's killing me.  My mom's breathing down my back for April rent and my Xbox is still out of commish.
MF: You know what's boring to me?

DT: What?
MF: This whole dang Faking Smart! crap.  It makes me sick to my stomach.  Every day I have to talk and talk about how great this book is, when in reality it's just a piece of garbage.  Worthless.

DT: You're kidding!
MF: No.  In fact, most of the stuff in the book is just made up.

MF: I kid you not.  Most of the stuff in there is just fiction.  Not a grain of truth in it.  That's why I laugh whenever anyone trumpets how good the whole concept of the six-week program is.  As far as I'm concerned, it's all hogwash, and Ager, as far as I could tell, couldn't care less.  All he cares about if flying around the world to attend dinner parties and international career coaching junkets.

DT: No way, dude!
MF: Oh, yeah...  It's totally true.

DT: Well shut the front door!  Who'da thunk?
MF: Yep.  That's the truth, my man.  Straight up.

DT: Man.  I wish I could do what he does...
MF: Yeah, he's got it made all right.  If I had a 100th of his fame, I'd be set for life.

DT: And all that fame is built on the backs of people like me and you...
MF: So true.

DT: Do you play World of Warcraft?
MF: Oh, yeah.

DT: No way, what realm?
MF: Llane.  Got a level 73 lock.

DT: Nice.  I got an 85 DK.  Hey, wanna ditch this interview and meet up at ogmr.
MF: k

DT: np
MF: cya at the AH

DT: l8r
MF: out