Thursday, February 2, 2012


CARSON CITY, NV - Taking the business world by surprise, the FSRI (Faking Smart! Research Institute) announced today that it was moving the prospective site of its new Chinese campus from the small Guangdong Province city of Yunfu to the city of Heyuan, about 100 miles north and east of the major provincial city of Guangzhou.  According to the FSRI press release, there are many reasons for making this change, the main being that Heyuan is better equipped to accommodate FSRI structural requirements.

"Heyuan is definitely the place to build our facility," says FSRI China Spokesperson Hank Lee.  "Fortunately we caught this in time... before we started work on the Yunfu campus.  Right now all we can think of is how pleased and excited we are to start the ground-breaking on our new Heyuan home."

The Heyuan campus will support over 40,000 FSIHL (Faking Smart! Institute for Higher Learning) students.  The facility will also serve as headquarters for the new FSRI Institute for World Peace, the FSRI Organization for Organizational Research and as training ground for the pilot FSRI 2036 Olympic team.

Afer hearing that Heyuan had been chosen for the future FSRI campus, city officials had this to say: 河源市目前擁有世界上最重要的恐龍化石庫之一。城市的博物館已收集恐龍蛋化石,恐龍最大收集總數超過 10萬記錄在吉尼斯世界紀錄。恐龍蛋化石最早發現在施工現場附近的城市從那時起,當地人都有助於提高集合。考古學家發現了恐龍化石skeletions和168個恐龍腳印化石